About Sonic Boom Interactive Experience

In the book, THE SONIC BOOM, I invite you to pull back the curtain and explore the rich, hidden world of sound and music and it’s impact on every moment of your life.

In its pages are dozens of stories where sound and music create “boom moments” that change everything– elicit visceral emotional responses, trigger or emblazon memories or transforms experiences in an instant. And that transforms people’s mood, their choices… and the trajectory of the story.

Writing a book about sound is challenging for obvious reasons, and it became clear THE SONIC BOOM needed a companion; a place where we could share examples and illustrations from the book, but more even more importantly, inspirations and sonic allusions, the stuff that really helps wrap your head around how powerful sound can be. I didn’t write this book just for musicians, acousticians, or marketers (please don’t tell my publisher).

I wrote it for everyone – and this companion is designed to bring you on a journey that I hope will open everyone’s eyes to the possibilities a purposeful use of sound and music (and silence) can create.

So, with my team, we created this site to highlight “boom moments” that already exist in the world, point to them and say, “we think this is awesome.” We want to draw your attention to the incredibly vibrant invisible world of sound that surrounds us and influences us everyday, and maybe inspire you to create your own boom moments to make your own life, and the lives of others just a little better.

I hope you enjoy this bonus content section of the site! And if you are interested, I also hope you’ll join the movement of sonic humanism. Sound does matter to all of us, and when you bring a little awareness, you can make a big difference.

- Joel Beckerman

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Joel Beckerman, author, "The Sonic Boom: How Sound Transforms the way we Think, Feel & Buy"